Looking to get back those lost butterflies? Revitalize your relationship with How to Date Your Spouse! As serious as relationships can be, a sense of humor is often needed when discussing ways to improve them. Written to men, women and couples of all ages you’re sure to find motivation, refreshing advice, new ideas and helpful tips to keep your relationship alive! Author Lindsey K Rietzsch explains what it really means to date your spouse, why it’s critical for your marriage as well as how to get your spouse to jump on board with you. Lindsey introduces three common “couple types” that often get stuck in a rut. You’ll learn how to identify which couple type you and your spouse are as well as the best solutions for combating your relationship roadblocks.

How to Date Your Spouse offers lighthearted humor along with over 50 creative date ideas, examples, and new perspectives on the topic of marriage improvement. The last chapter includes categorized date ideas created to inspire and satisfy the widest variety of relationship needs. Whether it’s time, creativity, money, no babysitter, or romance as your issue you’ll find several date ideas that best suit your needs. This clever approach to spousal dating offers a fresh spin on being married in the 21st century. Author Lindsey K Rietzsch has truly written a guide designed to help couples fall in love again and stay in love. 

"...I heard an interview with an author on the radio... I decided to buy it and I think it actually saved my marriage...I would highly recommend her book."   
 Michael - Blogger/Reader